COVID-19 Safety

New COVID Safety Protocols and Instructions

It’s official, we are now reopening as of May 20th and we couldn’t be more grateful! We have sincerely missed all of you, our valued clients and friends. Since the last time we met, there have been some changes to the way we work to maintain your health and safety. We are implementing new protocols and taking all measures necessary to keep our clinic safe and Covid-free! We wanted to share with you some of the changes we’ve made and things you should know prior to your appointments:


Pre-screening and Intake forms

Each client will be asked to provide their email address upon booking so we can send you an electronic form to complete prior to your appointment. All clients are asked to please notify us of any health changes, and include any relevant information on the e-form we send you. This helps us check you in upon arrival quickly, and take you in to your treatment room without having potential contact with others in the facility.


Appointment scheduling

Online bookings are preferred at this time due to the above mentioned electronic forms that must be completed. You can now create a personal profile on our portal allowing you to easily book appointments, access your upcoming appointments, history, intake forms, reminder preferences and more! We have made sure to limit people at the reception desk, and allowing extra time after each appointment to disinfect the rooms for the next client.


Attending your appointment

Please attend your appointment alone, so we can avoid potential crowding in the waiting room (only 2 people will be allowed in the waiting room being distanced by 6-feet). We ask that upon arrival, please check-in at our reception desk or call to notify us that you’ve arrived and you are waiting in your car. We also ask that you arrive just on time for your scheduled appointment so we can avoid cutting into the next appointments.


Face masks

We request that you please come to your appointment with a face mask or face cloth covering your mouth and nose. We can also provide masks to clients without one, if needed.


Reception desk and payments

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by our customer care staff behind an acrylic barrier to protect you and the staff. We do still accept payments by credit card, debit, cash and Amex (our debit machine will be disinfected before and after each use). Please be careful not to touch your face or cell phone if you’ve touched cash or coins, and wash your hands immediately or we have hand sanitizer available too.


Temperature checks

Please don’t mind this precaution, but your temperature may be checked from a distance by one of our staff members. If you have a fever or temperature above 38 degrees celsius, your appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled for safety reasons. Our team will be checking their temperatures daily as well.


Hand hygiene

We have a designated hand-washing sink in our bathroom where you can wash your hands with soap. Hand sanitizers are also available, and we ask that you perform proper hand hygiene before and after your treatment.


Treatment rooms and Technicians

Each of our treatment rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with hospital-grade cleaning solutions, before and after each treatment. We don’t want you to be worried as our staff will be wearing protective equipment at all times such as gloves, face masks and face shields.


We believe that with these safety measures, we can make sure your visits will be completely safe and comfortable, and hopefully as enjoyable as before COVID-19. If you have any questions or concerns, or special requests, we are available by email and phone Tuesday to Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm, so please contact our customer care team at (604) 591-9345.


The Team at Fresh Canvas Spa and Laser Centre