Laser Hair Removal

At Fresh Canvas Spa, we offer laser hair removal treatments to help you achieve the smooth, hair-free skin you've always wanted. Our laser technology is highly effective in removing unwanted hair from all areas of the body, including the face, bikini line, and underarms. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create a treatment plan that meets your specific needs and goals.

If you're considering laser hair removal, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We'll help you get on your way to the smooth, hair-free skin you've always wanted!

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Imagine never shaving, waxing, plucking
or threading unwanted hairs again.


Laser hair removal is the most effective method of hair removal that is available and used almost anywhere on the face and body. Laser hair removal uses light to permanently damage or destroy hair follicles. This treatment targets the root beneath the surface of the skin to prevent hair regrowth. Our laser hair removal treatment enables you to benefit from smooth skin and helps in avoiding ingrown hairs and irritation that can occur with shaving or waxing. Our medical-grade technology is suitable for men and women of all skin types.

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Fresh Canvas Spa has been serving our community for over a decade.
We have established a reputation for excellence within the Surrey & Burnaby medical spa community. Whether you've had laser treatments before or are new to the idea, our team is here to guide you through the process and help you get the best results.
Check out all the available services and come in for a consultation with our team. Let's talk about your goals and how we can help you achieve them.


Not all lasers are created equal. We’ve invested in our devices to get our clients the best results possible.


We are passionate about what we do and love helping our clients achieve healthy, glowing skin.


We’re always warmly welcoming new patients and do our best to accommodate short notice appointments.



Our number one goal is to provide results for our clients so they feel confident and excited about their skin!


Knowledge is key. We love educating our clients on how they can reach their skin goals. We take a dynamic approach to include clinical treatments as well as home care in order to help clients boost their results.


Our team is dedicated to welcoming our clients and making them feel as comfortable as possible. We work every day to build a long-lasting and trusting relationship with all of our clients.

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"I have been going to Fresh Canvas for 2 years now and have seen huge results for laser treatments! I go monthly for HydraFacials as well and my skin has never been better! Thank you again to the entire team, impeccable service."

Raji Khaira

2 APR 2020, 12:21

"If you're looking for a HydraFacial, look no further than Fresh Canvas Spa! I had a wonderful experience there. The staff was knowledgeable and welcoming, and the HydraFacial itself was very relaxing and refreshing. I would definitely recommend Fresh Canvas Spa to anyone looking for a HydraFacial!"

Kendell Birch

15 SEP 2021, 14:42

"I love getting my hydrafacial done at Fresh Canvas Spa, Surrey. The technician is extremely friendly and explains every step of the way. Would definitely go back!"

Ayesha Azim

15 JUN 2021, 14:42



At Fresh Canvas Spa, we use the latest technology in laser hair removal to provide you with superior results. Our lasers are calibrated specifically for each individual client, ensuring that your treatment is as effective and comfortable as possible. We also offer a variety of other treatments, such as facials and peels, to help you look and feel your best. Book your Laser Hair Removal appointment today with Fresh Canvas Spa at our Surrey or Burnaby location. Our team of skilled estheticians will work with you to customize your treatment and ensure that you see the best results possible.

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